Why should science students learn to make podcasts, blogs, wikis, videos?

Sure, ‘new media’ can teach them to:
(a) cater to an audience; (b) coordinate teamwork; and (c) critically assess their message's impact.
But, how is that going to help them do scientific research?
Will they make a documentary for You Tube after each experiment or field measurement?
Evidence of the use of ‘new media’ in scientific research:
  1. //Journal of Visualized Experiments// -- traditional journal articles augmented by video to illustrate laboratory techniques
  2. Scientists’ use of online laboratory notebooks in ‘Open Notebook Science’
  3. Podcasts and RSS feeds created by a research laboratory
  4. Animations used to represent biological/physical processes
  5. Websites and videos to represent laboratories – award winners
  6. Use of artists to represent complex data sets and ideas .

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