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Selecting a suitable new media assignment for students may be easy or may prove tricky. Some subject materials lend themselves to a particular media while others may be suitable for one type of medium - blogging, podcasting, creating a website or even producing a movie. The media used may also depend on resources available or on personal preference and/or experience.
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Information Aims and objectives of creating student new media

New media assignments set for students should have clear aims and learning objectives. Some examples of specific learning objectives may be to:
  • Have a clear or improved understanding of the scientific concept that you have been producing
  • Produce a clear visual/oral/written project that can be understood by other scientists and students and/or the general public
  • Be able to work productively in a team/solo environment
  • Be familiar with software for digital media production
  • Be able to upload and/or promote your media creation

Examples of specific aims might be:
  • to demonstrate an ability to work as a team to produce an accurate and engaging three-minute podcast explaining the concept assigned in laboratory practical
  • to write a personal blog about your experiences as a student in science, to engage a community following
  • to collaborate in groups of 5 to produce a wiki explaining welfare issues of a particular animal

The rationale behind choosing to use each of the types of media, and their benefits and challenges, are presented in the individual sections on blogs , podcasts , videos and websites.

Student_assignment_examples Suggested student assignments

There are many assignments that students can undertake that involve new media. These range from practice using digital media (eg. create a one minute podcast about yourself) to longer term projects (eg. create and contribute to a science blog). Some suggestions of existing and potential student assignments in new media are given below.
Further in-depth examples of student new media assignments are located on the relevant media wiki pages.

Existing and potential new media assignments for science students

A. Practising multi-media skills

1. Student creates a short (1min) podcast/video introducing themselves to the class
2. Student creates a short video of a person/place/item that is relevant to the subject
3. Student creates a 1-minute video on how to make a video
4. Student uses a blog to reflect and peer assess group work activities in the laboratory/field
5. Students critique classmates’ or lecturer’s videos using a ratings/comments system

B. Focus on class content & coordination of student activities (teamwork)
6. Student team creates a short (2–3min) podcast to explain a scientific concept in the subject field or a class field trip
7. Student team creates a lab report video, e.g. dissection or experiment
8. Student team creates an animation of a laboratory technique
9. Student team create a wiki to explain a concept in science, e.g. element of the periodic table or to produce a report or a literature review
10. Online collaboration with science students from other universities on wikis or Facebook sites

C. Using new media strategically, to attract attention/ gain feedback
11. Students create online PowerPoint presentations with opportunity for peer review
12. Students create a performance, e.g. science show for children on You Tube; radio show on science topic for public
13. Students create a webzine or science story
14. Students create & promote an online event or product
15. Student creates a blog and promotes online with number of readers and comments monitored

D. Contextualising content
16. Student interviews a science professional and uploads it to a website
17. Students create videos about young researchers including research, storyboard, interview, editing & publishing online
18. Students blog regularly (3x per week) on a controversial science topic
19. Students review professional reports by scientists
20. Students (PhDs) produce a website promoting their research to industry.

This list of suggested student new media assignments is available in pdf format:

Student_assignment_examples Examples of new media assignments

We have created a list of examples of student media, including both basic instructions and in-depth examples here:

Further examples of student new media assignments

This includes specific new media examples:

Information Tips for lecturers creating student multimedia assignments

  • Students do not always know how to create multimedia, although most know how to use it. Refer them to this wiki for easy-to-follow tips on creating blogs, podcasts, videos and wikis.
  • Students will be more inclined to make an effort to complete assignments if they are assessable and/or examinable. It is suggested that their assignment be worth 5 or 10% of their total mark (at least).
  • If you are unsure how to mark multimedia assignments, please check our Assessment page.

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Team work- Many digital student projects can be completed in groups or teams. For tips on working with teams, check at Skillcity or at the UTS Assessment Futures working with peers.

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