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Social media is in common use, and many students already have accounts in the various forms of this medium. In addition, there are many other useful technologies resources that can enhance new media projects or be used to create a project.

The use of social media in science projects

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InformationWhat is social media?

Social media may be used to host new media projects, to promote your media pages or simply to communicate with people of similar interests.

Working with a 'social' medium may scare people who are not familiar with it and prefer more traditional means of communication (but then it was not long ago that people were scared of using email or even telephones!) For a history of social media evolution, read this article, although by now things have probably evolved again!

external image facebook_button.gif Facebook

Ease of use comes with practice and most students have lots of practice with social media. Many will already have a Facebook page. Lecturers may like to use this and communicate with students via setting up a project page on Facebook. You do not need to become a friend of your students (so you will not see what they get up to on a Saturday night!) They can simply 'like' or 'join' your page and post messages or share videos and links. You do not need to accept anyone other than your students, unless you wish to publicise widely.

twitter-buttons.jpg Twitter

Twitter is social media micro-blogging. Just as you might shorten an email and send a sms (text message) on your mobile phone, Twitter allows you to shorten your blog or Facebook message. You are allowed a maximum of 140 characters to post your message. You can post links to anywhere on the web, however, so you drive traffic to sites you would like people to go to. You can also build lists of people with common interests and can limit your Twitter followers to those oyu have approved or you can open it up to anyone.
We are on Twitter. Follow us @ScienceNewMedia

Links Links to useful social media sites
Mashable has lots of information for beginners and advanced users of social media
How to use Facebook - a simple video guide
How to use Facebook - a facebook group to join and learn
Twitter in plain English - a simple video to understand the Twitter concept
A quick Twitter guide
The conversation prism a visual representation of the expansiveness of the social web
Science tweets on photochemistry

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Links Other Useful Technology & Resources

There are many different technologies, software, and resources available. They are constantly being developed and upgraded. So, it would be impossible to feature everything here. Here are a few that we have found useful ...

Top ten reviews of technology, software, multimedia
Commoncraft - simple explanations using 3 minute videos
TED - interesting talks on science & technology
anz M learn - mobile technologies enriching learning
WSD's etoolbox - lots of useful tips in technology
Teach parents tech - for parents who need a little help with technology

Science learning

Scitable - a collaborative learning space for science
IonicViper - virtual inorganic pedagogical electronic resource

Photos & videos

Copyrightfree images wiki - list of free image and sound sites
Flickr: Explore - interesting photos from points in time & tips on using Flickr (thanks to Robyn Jay)
Dreamstime - for photos. Some are free (but you still need to check copyright)
ReelClever storyboarding (free trial available)

Check out SpinXpress for audio and video content searches (with a variety of licensed options). SpinXpress is useful for inter-university collaborations.

Music & sounds

Freeplaymusic - for music (check terms of use & licensing before use)
Partnersinrhyme - for music & sound effects. Some are free (check copyright and terms of use)
Internet Archive - sound & image archives
dig.ccmixter - music that is freely available under a Creative Commons license.

Powerpoint & beyond

Templateswise - for free Powerpoint templates & music loops for your presentations
Powerpoint basics - learn how to start with Powerpoint
Mybrainshark to add narration to Powerpoints
Prezi - (For those who want an alternative to Powerpoint)

Lab reports

Rome education for creating interactive lab reports & more


Glogster and Glogster edu - for poster creation
Here's our poster (OK so we only took 2mins to create it!). And another produced for a Learning & Teaching Assessment forum...


Pebblepad for student eportfolios


Doodle for online scheduling of meetings
Skype for teleconferencing