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New Media for Science is an ALTC funded research project to develop the professional abilities required by science graduates through 'authentic' exercises -- student publication of wikis, podcasts, blogs, and videos. More about our project.

This wiki is a resource for science academics and students who wish to incorporate new media in their teaching, research, or project work.


Australian science academics are already assigning students to:
1. Explain concepts in their own words
2. Document a lab or site visit
3. Comment on hot topics in the media
4. Assess peer's work
5. Report on research or mock consultancy
6. Report to or educate a public audience.

Want to get involved? Complete this short survey form, and send it back to us. Thanks!

Overview - webinar recording w/ PPT

Here is a link to a webinar in the Australia-based, Transforming Assessment series (coordinated by Prof Geoff Crisp, RMIT, and Matthew Hillier, UQ). "Old Skill, New Media: Developing communication ability in a digital age", Wed., 5 Sept 2012:

Information Quick wiki guide - what would you like to do?

Design a student assignment
Choose a relevant new media
Get ideas for student assignments
Read detailed student assignments
Read about social media
Create a blog
Create a podcast
Create a video
Create a wiki
Create an animation
Design new media assessment
Find photos, music
Design posters, powerpoint, lab reports

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