Here are videos, audio, and quotations from science academics and students in relation to new media assignments.

Positive Outcomes with Biochem Videos

Jessica Vanderlelie, PhD, of Griffith University had a new media assignment for 153 second-year biochemistry students. They came from degree programs in health science, medical science, biomedical science, nutrition and dietetics, and biomolecular science.

Improved marks:
"We have noticed a significant improvement in the grade for the course for 2011 ... particularly in the capacity to answer complex, essay questions on the final exam .. an issue with previous cohorts."

"I put the project together because ... I utilise YouTube quite a bit to demonstrate particularly difficult biochemical concepts. I was finding it difficult to find good quality, technically accurate resources to draw upon. ... My students all responded positively to my use of multimedia. I thought they may enjoy producing their own resources that the whole cohort could draw upon."

Quality of content:
"The students produced very high quality pieces that far surpassed my expectations ... I was amazed at the depth of content they were able to cover in such a short production."

Student response:
"They largely enjoyed the project and found it to be useful in improving their understanding of the topic they chose. They commented that they utilised the videos of other groups in their preparation for the final exam."

Students Making Videos

A science lecturer at the University of New South Wales explains that her students create videos. (30 seconds)

Some of this lecturer's students comment on her approaches as part of a panel discussing Technology Enabled Learning and Teaching (TELT). (5 minutes)

Here is a lecturer in built environment commenting on display of student videos and images in the learning management system, Blackboard. (1 minute)

This specialist on student web publication talks about the challenges of assessing creative, visual media. (1.5 minutes)

Online Tutorials Created by Students for Students

Students in medicine at the University of Bristol have generated online tutorials for other medical students -- Medicles. (5 minutes)

Related to the Bristol medical students' online tutorials, this video outlines use of student-generated video. (9 minutes)